Basement Remodel in Seattle, WA

A remodeled basement can add more value to your property. You may have a perfectly decorated living room, comfy bedrooms, a modular kitchen, and an impressive bathroom in your home, but it is not perfect until there an undeveloped basement.

You should think about basement remodel because thus you can have more extra space in your house. It can turn into a laundry room, a storage room, a beautiful bedroom, an additional kitchen, or bathroom. ArtBrick LLC can change that raw and undeveloped basement into anything you want. That’s why homeowners hire us for basement remodel in Seattle.

Professional basement remodel in Seattle

Why should you have a perfectly remodeled basement?

The most obvious benefit of basement remodeling is that it can double the available space in your property. You can use it as a gym, a secure storage for valuable belongings, or anything else. It does not require an expensive investment but the perks are pretty awesome. That’s why many homeowners have hired use for home remodeling in Seattle.

The remodeling work begins with space-planning. Our professional will inspect the whole space to assess what type of makeover is required to develop a dry and durable basement. This process does not take too much time, but your basement looks pretty attractive once the remodeling work completed. Therefore, we always recommend basement remodeling in Seattle, WA, whenever a client hires our support for home renovation work.

Get a desired outcome with minimum investment:

Most of the people leave their basements untouched and undeveloped because they wonder it might cost a lot of money. The credit also goes to some contractors, who charge a lot of money for the development work. ArtBrick LLC is certainly not one of those remodeling companies because we try to keep the cost of basement remodel Seattle as low as possible.

It totally depends on the client that how he wants to maximize his space. We mainly focus on two crucial elements, which are natural lighting and height of the ceiling. If anyone of these two things are missing, the client does not get the desired outcome. Therefore, we try to keep ceiling height at least 7 feet and at least two windows for natural light. Being active in this business for many years, we have developed several eye-catching basements in Seattle, WA. You can check those basement plans to assess our work quality and expertise.

Contact us now to schedule consultation:

Even though you have seen some great basement plans, you may have several questions which you want to get answered before hiring ArtBrick LLC. You can call us now to request a quote and schedule an appointment for consultation.

One of our remodel project experts will get in touch with you to reveal what type of remodeling work you want. Our employee will quickly inform you about the cost, how much time it may take, and present some great basement remodeling plans. Thus, it will be easy for you to pick the right plan under your budget and get the remodeling work started as soon as possible.