Anatolii Tsaruk

     Welcome to!
        We are glad to introduce our family business of carpentry and mason’s work.
Artbrick LLC had a great 20 years’ experience in Europe. Few years ago, our family moved to Seattle, with great desire to share our skills and inspiration, creating astonishing interiors.
        We perform renovations that people need and love, however my great passion is LOFT style. Almost all the time being in Europe, I have deal with aristocratic style renovation, creating practical designs and interiors. Also, we provides any types of masonry works such as patio, foundation, fences, chimneys, pathway, driveway, and many other home renovation and home improvement works.
        Our company can apply remodeling of basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and even do a lot of additions in your new or habitable house. We can work with remodeling of projects of various sizes. As we are a small company so we do one project at a time that give our craftsman opportunity to show expertise in short time. That also provides you a level of personal service which creates a place for quality and craftsmanship.
        If you are Millwork Company and you need a help with large projects Artbrick LLC are always available.  We can help to finish the project on time and make a great quality in installation cabinets, door, trim or any custom works. Satisfaction of our clients is excited by the quality of the work performed.

We work in Seattle +50 miles area.

To schedule a free consultation, or to learn more about our custom or commercial masonry, millwork, remodeling feel free to contact us today.