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ArtBrick – Professional Home Remodeling Company in Seattle

ArtBrick LLC is committed to providing you with efficient, professional, and affordable home remodeling solutions in Seattle.

People often wonder if it will be stressful and daunting, but professionals at ArtBrick make it quite a relaxing experience for you. We tackle everything from demolishing old structures to building new areas on your property. We understand what the clients expect and how to provide them with the best solutions for their investments.

Our Services

ArtBrick offers comprehensive support for home remodeling in Seattle. Our services include the following:

Home Renovation

It begins with initial consultation. We spend a considerable amount of time with our clients to know how they want to improve the exterior and interior appeal of their homes. Our experts start drawing plans for the renovation work and carry out a remarkable job within the given time. Our renovation services include:


ArtBrick has highly skilled professionals who make sure your home’s interior looks perfect. We are expert in plumbing, carpentry, electricity installation, and painting. Yes, we employ highly knowledgeable people to equip your home with the best products. Our installation services include:

  • Doors and windows
  • Cabinets
  • Trims
  • Plumbing
  • Lights and electrical wiring


Modern homes look attractive when you invest in interior decoration. ArtBrick LLC offers you with extensive solution for interior decorations. We handle everything from painting walls to improving curb appeal of the floor. We are artists and we know the most artistic way of improving the interior charm of your dwelling. Our artworks services include:

  • Decorative walls with old-style bricks
  • Wall-painting
  • Designer floor installation

Why choose us?

We provide comprehensive full-service

We are a full-service construction company. It helps us in giving our best in the job and finishing it on time. We do not look for the middle ground with work quality, we always implement innovative ideas.

We expertise in Modern & Loft Designs

Combing our construction skills with new technologies and ideas lets us create eye-catching modern and loft interiors and exteriors for homes in Seattle.

First-class Workmanship

We guarantee satisfying and top-quality service. It is our commitment with our clients to use only top quality and ecological materials to build their homes. You can bank on us for a flawless job because we believe in Remodeling that Attracts!

Locally Owned 

We have managed many remodeling projects in Seattle area. Our professionals are familiar with all the work conditions here and you will surely admire our support.

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